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Nice man i love to make hardstyle with you!!

I love noisecontrollers

At the start some notes were wrong but it is a nice remix

h4rdstyle responds:

I made the notes diffrent so the song wouldn't get that repeating sound all over again. Thanks for your review, and I love noisecontrollers too! :3


Yeah really a Pokemon or Zelda sound but very short.

GoldbloodedDragon responds:

It's short... but my best video game song ever!

Long time no see man.

Awesome man i really see how you improved!
I like the beats the synth just your work own man.
I'm still honoured you made a remix off mine song because your much
much much better!
Well look at mine new stuff too
Good luck with the rest!


This is so damn fucking music.Find a life and make normal music...

jdh504 responds:

Um, I can't really make sense out of the first sentence...but on the whole life bit, you are right, I definitely do need a life, but I'd rather be horrible according to you and make heavy fucking metal rather than being awesome in your eyes and making normal music...glad you took the time to listen to it though.

Argh i'm jealous me and FL don't work

MAn i love it..Only i here a part from Tiesto in it^^ But i don't care..^^I love it..I work with some other programs..FL and me just don't fit...I don't even know how to get a arranger compete but nice song btw!!


Hey Mate Call this song Detuned..
You make with Ejay just like me
This song is made with Dance Ejay 6 and the pieces are Freakout and Detuned..^^
Not FL

Nice mix btw

APPSmusic responds:

omfg last time repeating my self this a demo full version is here http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/117222

the full version is a lot better longer, more beats better combination of beats also k so listen to that...


This is damn nice man^^
I like such music:D:D
Your really great 5/5 9/10

Only 9/10 because the beats don't move smooth
It should be 4 times C=4 4
So it will go smoothly and get a better beat in the refrain;)

Shinrog responds:

thx for the review,ill take the tip in mind as well =)


Remixed jump the fuck up just took if from internet


Another DJ Twisty's song-Jump the fuck up

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